Tibet Everest (Summit) Colove Motorcycle Co.,Ltd, is set in Chongqing by Tibet New-Everest Industrial Group as division of medium & large displacement motorcycle to cope with the coming medium & big displacement trend in China.

Colove Moto is led by ZHANG Xue as a previous mechanic, racer, ride tester in racing team. Career background of Zhangxue, a real motorcycle emthuziast

1.Minder(mechanic) in motorcycle works team

2.Racing rider in motorcycle works team

3.Product manager in motorcycle works



Tibet New Everest Industrial Group ( 

It is founded in 1995 in Tibet China, later entered into motorcycle biz via cooperation with KYMCO Taiwan on importation of CB, GY6 engine production system and manufacturing technology on November 29, 1998. it regards Everest the highest peak as its image to fight for the first place forever, be new Everest, new altitude, new value;

Now the headquarter is located in Lhasa Tibet, it has 3 business division in Chongqing (medium and large displacement motorcycles, commuting motorcycles) Luoyang (tricycle & electric vehicle), Jiangmen (commuting motorcycle) with 9 manufacturing bases in Chongqing, Taizhou Zhejiang, Jiangmen Guangdong, Chengdu, Yanshi Henan, Xinhua Henan, Renqiu Hebei, Linyi Shandong, Wuwei Gangsu.

The products cover motorcycle engines, motorcycle, three-wheeled motorcycles, electric motorcycles, three-wheeled electric vehicles, four-wheeled electric vehicles with 4 main brands ZF(Summit,Colove), Ducar, Shenfeng (Holy mountain), Huaying(HYM), and other 7 sub brands.